About Jono

Because Everyone's An Influencer! 

Name: Jono

Age: 65

How I spend my time:

I'm a young 65-year-old who loves life and the outdoors. My favourite three things in the world would have to be family, footy, and fishing! I’m a single father with a son and daughter who now have their own families, so I’m always taking the grandkids out on the boat or to a local game. While I don’t mind something more adventurous at times, it’s the calm serenity of fishing that appeals to me most. That, and a long nature walk, a compelling book, or cooking up a storm with the catch of the day.

I've decided to hit retirement head-on and try my hand at all the activities I never had time for. I’m pretty enthusiastic about living life to the fullest, so I’m sure this should make up for my lack of skill (but don’t tell anyone I admitted to that). After all, retirement’s all about trying new things—can’t be that hard! 

What I love about Geelong and The Bellarine:

No matter what hobbies you’re into, Geelong and The Bellarine have something for you. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, or simply prefer a quieter life, the region has you covered. This is especially exciting for someone like me, who’s looking forward to giving everything a crack now that I have the time! 

How I use my Influence: 

I’ve only just been introduced to the term ‘influencer’, and to be honest, I still don’t quite understand what it means. I’m no good with all that technology stuff. My phone only comes out when I need to contact my friends and family—other than that, it’s stuffed away so I can enjoy the real world! 

However, I have been told a coupla times that I know the best fishing spots. Truth be told, most of my mates will give me a call when they want to know where to grab some quality bait or buy the freshest fish. Heck, if that makes me an ‘influencer’, then so be it! 

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