About Lexi

Because Everyone's an Influencer!

I guess you could say I have an enthusiasm for arts and culture that is stronger than most adults twice my age. My appetite for all things cultural is infectious! When it comes to our local scene, I’m known amongst my friends to know anything and everything. The phrase “what don’t you know!?” is uttered to me at least weekly. I’ve always been a creative person, and our region is home to artists and makers of all kinds—so naturally, I’m obsessed with discovering everything about it.

I’m that friend that’s always dragging others to the latest music gig, indie film or new art exhibition in town. I’m fascinated by the creative work of others, and this is where inspiration often sparks for my own projects (spanning from painting to writing, to music-making… you name it!). While I’m drawn to certain pursuits more than others, I can appreciate the creative process as a whole—even if it’s not to my taste. In my downtime, you probably won’t catch me listening to mainstream radio or losing countless hours to social media. If I’m not listening to obscure music, I’m searching for it, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than being offline and making time fly with a good book. 

What I love about Geelong and The Bellarine: 

Our arts and culture scene is only growing more and more by the second! From historical to contemporary art, you can explore it all in Geelong and The Bellarine. Maybe you prefer a guided stroll through a museum, or perhaps it’s the unconventional appeal of rad street art that gets your creative juices flowing. No matter who you are or what you’re into, there’s a million ways to lose yourself in the captivating stories of our region. 

How I use my Influence:

While I don’t mind heading to exhibitions or events on my own, I’ll always have a crack at dragging someone along first. I have a lot of friends in Melbourne from when I lived there, so I’m often inviting them down to see what the Geelong scene is all about. However, the one thing that’s really taken off is my separate Instagram account, @outandaboutwithlex. It’s basically a dump of all my favourite finds in the realms of art, culture, music, politics and so on. I started posting ‘monthly wrap-ups’ to encapsulate the highlights of my month—anything from a dog picture to a review on a brilliant feature film. I started doing it for myself but it’s gained a serious following, and now people are sure to pull me up if I’m late to upload it! 

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