Rachel (but you can call me Rach!)

Rachel (but you can call me Rach!)

About Rachel (but you can call me Rach!)

Because Everyone's An Influencer! 

Rachel (but you can call me Rach!) 


How I spend my time:

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved all things retail and lifestyle. When I was younger, this looked like dress-ups, stolen high heels, and manicures with mum—but now it’s shopping for clothes and gifts, or winding down with hot yoga or a massage. While I never thought of myself this way, my friends always label me as someone who always has their look together, and knows what’s good around town—I suppose it’s nice to know my style and taste is appreciated by others!

Whenever I’m off work or my weekends are free, I’m usually scouting for cool retail spots around town. Even if I don’t buy anything, I love window shopping, finding hidden gems, or keeping mental notes of where to shop for gifts. At home, I always keep my wardrobe curated and organised, and I’m obsessed with all things skincare, haircare, homewares and decor. I just enjoy looking and feeling nice, and for my personal spaces to feel the same.

What I love about Geelong and The Bellarine:

I love how much variety we have. You can basically take your pick at any of the big brands, but we also have some really lovely smaller boutiques with more niche, exclusive products. There’s always somewhere that will have exactly what you’re after—you just need to know where to look!

How I use my Influence:

I guess I didn’t realise how influential I was since I only have 432 followers on Instagram. While it’s not heaps, I still take pride in keeping my Instagram as a finely tuned feed of local finds I love. I was always happy doing this for myself, but so many friends and family have followed my advice and discovered places they love. My cousin in Essendon even ventured down to check out an indoor plant nursery I once posted! Since I’ve become aware of this, I’m even more sure to post regularly. I’ll often send a quick text if I know someone will really love something I’ve stumbled upon, and 9 times out of 10, it results in a purchase! 

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