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5 Ways To Step Back In Time In Queenscliff

5 Ways To Step Back In Time In Queenscliff

Queenscliff established her reputation as a seaside holiday destination in the 1880’s and there are reminders of this history at every turn as  grand hotels with towering turrets still dominate the skyline of the town. Recapture the grandeur of that bygone era today:


Dine in the Grand Dining Room at Vue Grand. The ornate room is decorated and furnished with the opulence of yesteryear and the menu is exquisitely designed to match the decadent surrounds. The Five-Course Bellarine Tasting Menu is a good choice for a selection of local fare, or book for one of their monthly Grand Afternoon Teas for another classic option.


Take a trip on a vintage steam train. Bellarine Railway operates heritage steam trains between Queenscliff and Drysdale. The railway line was originally built to service Fort Queenscliff, and later holidaymakers and residents. At various times of year, vintage trains meet modern themes as the trains become Thomas the Tank Engine, the Blues Train or carry Santa or the Easter bunny!


Visit Fort Queenscliff for a tour and a lesson in the military history of the facility and the town. Tours are available on weekends and during holiday times and guides will share their knowledge of the history of the Fort, how it was used during war and peacetimes, the facilities and armaments and the relationship the Fort and its people had with the town. There’s also the opportunity to dress up in military garb from various eras!

Take a guided heritage walk from the Queenscliffe Visitor Information Centre to learn about the rich history of the town while visiting some significant historic sites and buildings. It’s a great way to understand how a town so rich in history is celebrating it, while also looking forward to the future.


Learn about the history of southern Port Phillip Bay and the relationship between the town of Queenscliff and the sea at the Queenscliff Maritime Museum.


So what are you doing this weekend?