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Greenhouse Effect: Stay and Save (The Planet)

When finding accommodation around Geelong and The Bellarine you have many places to chose from. If you are looking for something unique and friendly to Mother Nature,…

The Great Geelong Pub Guide

With our roots in wool and manufacturing and craft beer a big part of our future there’s a genuinely great pub culture in Geelong. No matter the occasion, there’s…

Insiders Guide: Pako Precinct

The first rule of the insiders guide: we call Pakington Street ‘Pako’. In fact, the nickname extends to all the side streets and thoroughfares shooting off the actual…

Geelong: Craft Beer Capital

If you haven't already heard, Geelong is no longer known as sleepy hollow, it has a new name! "Craft Beer Capital" A number of craft beer breweries and it's own…

4 Ways To Spend An Arvo Away From The City

As much as we love the waterfront, the Greater Geelong region is offering up some fab experiences for all types. A hit of nature or some unique shopping spots are…

5 Must-Do Events And Festivals

Get on your dancing shoes, drink some beer or wine or amaze at incredible boats and cars. Do we have you covered yet?

3 Geelong Coffees You Can't Miss

The Melbourne café culture has had a positive impact an hour down the road – there are some great spots to grab a good coffee (and an equally good bite to eat) in…

Geelong: In Black and White

We love all the bright colours of our region - the blue ocean, the red wine etc. But there's something moody and hypnotic about black and white images. We've brought…

View With A Room

You wont need a book to read when you have these views to enjoy.

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Summer Daze - Video

Summer Daze

Summer Daze... had me a blast.