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Adventure Days

Adventure Days

What is life but one grand adventure? And where better to have those adventures than on The Bellarine, of course, and who better to have those adventures with than your family, of course! Bellarine family fun is right on our doorstep, with the below attractions easily accessible and more than capable to fulfill your adventure needs.

Photo: @adventureparkgeelong

Adventure Park

Bathers - check. Sunscreen - check. Hat - check. Energy - check. You are now packed and ready to rumble for a day of fun and of super-soaked exploits at Adventure Park; Victoria’s biggest theme park! With 24 epic rides and attractions, your unlimited rides pass ensures a packed day. 

Just for the thrill of it, plunge a massive 7.5 stories into the eye of the storm on Adventure Park’s newest addition, The Tornado.  You and your fellow thrill seekers will clamber aboard your four-seater raft and weave your way through and around the run, completing 360 degree twists and turns, building up speed until… the adrenaline pumping drop into the infamous funnel. With the adrenaline still pumping, dash over to the Aqua Racer and rival your family members - head first - down the six-lane Aqua Racer at speeds of up to 40km per hour. 

Catch your breath and recharge on the Lazy River - put your feet up and just go with the flow as you're swept along the tropical style river oasis. Then, in a relaxed sense of state of mind, hop aboard the Ferris Wheel for a leisurely spin and some panoramic views across the region.

Crazy Coaster, Wave Swinger, Skeleton Creek Mini Golf, Wild West Canyon, Shipwreck Harbour, Bonito’s Bay Waterplay and so many more fun-filled, adventure-ensuring rides and attractions are all ready to explore when you spend a day (or possibly two) at Adventure Park. 


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Fairy Park

Once upon a time, in a village not too far away, a castle sat on top of a rock, on top of a hill. Within this castle's doors was a place where families could go and experience the magic of storytelling - from fairy tales to ancient myths and legends. 

Sounds enchanting. Did you even know that such a place truly exists? Aptly named “Fairy Park”, this magical kingdom is located not too far away in Anakie. Take your little charges and explore this captivating land, discovering secret passages and tunnel mazes in the medieval adventure playground of “Camelot”.  Your little knights and princesses will be entertained for hours as they unearth mystical creatures, mount the carousel ride and escape through the giant slide.

Kids can be transported into the world of Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Snow White, Goldilocks, Cinderella and many more in the animated scenes of “Fairytale Land”, interacting with their favourite characters and making the scenes come alive (with a picnic on the lawn when you're ready for a feast)! 


Photo: @a_guide_to_ocean_grove

Bellarine Adventure Golf

What happens when you combine adventure and mini-golf? You get Bellarine Adventure Golf of course! Creeks flow and waterfalls surge in this ingeniously crafted 36-hole mini-golf course (there are two 18-hole courses to choose from). Dining options are aplenty too. Not only do they have a café dishing up delicious treats but they also have BBQ facilities.  Your mini-golf game will most certainly be honed, and as the sausages are sizzling, you can spend all day perfecting your putt. 

Make the choice to tackle either The Mill or The Mountain. Or, if you're feeling extra adventurous, why not tackle both! The Mill offers a fun course with plenty of shelter which means rain, hail or shine you can get your golf game on. The Mountain (as the name may suggest) is a touch more daring, with the course predominately open-air and more complicated. Both courses present tricky water hazards, sticky sand traps and lightning fast greens.     

Days are definitely adventure-filled on The Bellarine with dragons, waterslides, ferris wheels, secret passages, waterfalls, crazy coasters, carousels, mountains and we've even got fairies! 

So gather the family and get out there.