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Aussie As - 6 Ways to be a Patriot This Summer

Aussie As - 6 Ways to be a Patriot This Summer

We live in the best country in the world*.

Surrounded by water, we’re our own continent. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and call everyone mate. We shorten words by either cutting them in half and adding a ‘y’ to the end (barby, chewy, Chrissy) or leaving out entire syllables (Straya). We punch above our weight (and tiny population) on sporting fields and we’re home to some of the most glorious landscapes and destinations on the planet.

Here’s how you can experience some of the best of Straya, right here in Geelong and The Bellarine:

• Go to the movies with a beer and a deck chair at the Furphy Outdoor Cinema. Featuring Aussie epics like The Castle and Kenny, it starts 25 Jan and runs until March. How’s the serenity? Check out the schedule or buy tickets here.

• See the Australian Cricket Team in the Twenty20 match with Sri Lanka at Simonds Stadium Geelong.

• While we’re on cricket, there’s nothing more Aussie than a hit of beach cricket.

• Go surfing. If you don’t know how, our friends at Go Ride a Wave can help you out.

• Head to Narana in Geelong to learn about Aboriginal culture and history, check out the galleries of art, walk the native gardens (and meet some native animals) or enjoy some indigenous inspired food from the café.

• Commemorate the Australian effort in World War 1 with the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience at the Arena.

With all that Aussie fun, you’ll be needing a rest – how about Down Under a tent – here are some camping (or glamping) suggestions in Geelong and The Bellarine.


*Sorry to Scotland, my birthplace and also the birthplace of television, phones, penicillin and golf. Aye, you’re a very, very close second.