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Barwon Heads A Beach For Every Occassion

Barwon Heads A Beach For Every Occassion

Nestled in between the Barwon River Estuary and the open ocean of Bass Strait, Barwon Heads is uniquely positioned to provide a range of beach options, whatever your mood or travel companions.

River beach

The sandy areas on either side of the bridges are favoured by families with little kids. On any given warm day it’ll be full of epic sandcastles, semi-buried Dads and beach cricket matches. They can get in the water as deep as they want to, there are shallow pools great for beach toys and the sand is damp – it’s nature’s kinetic sand. Also, it’s close to Annie's Provedore for food and drink, and the playground is right alongside the beach. Happy days.

13th Beach

It’s one of the better known surf spots in the area, with one of the more popular surf spots in front of the shipping beacon, known as The Beacon. 13th Beach is perfect for surfers with some experience and is best in northerly winds, beginners are better trying out Ocean Grove main beach, just around the corner.

With a wide stretch of sand, tall dunes and several entry/exit staircases it’s also a perfect for beach for jogging or walking – and furry friends can come at the right times of year.

Barwon Bluff

The Marine Sanctuary protects around 17 hectares of reef and the marine life that inhabit it. It’s a great spot for diving and snorkeling. At low tide, the rockpools are accessible and inspecting them for marine life is a great activity for kids. Even my video-game-obsessed-seven-year-old was more excited when he found a hermit crab than when he beat the last Bowser on Super Mario Bros. The top of the bluff has a great lookout and the trail is a great spot for walking and jogging.