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Camping Etiquette 101: How to be a happy camper

Camping Etiquette 101: How to be a happy camper

Eighty per cent of Australians are planning on a camping trip post-COVID restrictions according to new research conducted by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia. What that means is that likely many of those planning a camping holiday may be first-timers who are unaware of how to be a happy, considerate camper. Newbie? Here are the unwritten rules of life in the wild.

Keep your distance

I know you’re probably sick of hearing the phrase ‘socially distance’ but this unwritten rule has been in place since the first human decided to go escape to the woods just for funsies - give other campers space. People go camping for two reasons: 1. To enjoy the great outdoors and 2. To get away from other people. Try keeping to the middle of your campsite so that others around you have plenty of space to roam. And this probably goes without saying, but don’t walk through someone else’s campsite. That’s what is known as uncool behaviour. It’s the same as a stranger walking through your backyard to get to their house -- just don’t do it.

Keep it quiet

It’s common courtesy really - but try and keep your noise levels at a minimum. Nobody wants to hear you blast Jack Johnson on your Bluetooth speaker all day. There’s a time and place for singing around a campfire -- just get you ‘kumbaya-yas’ out before quiet time.

Obey fire regulations

In 2018, an unattended campfire caused a massive blaze in Kialla. Luckily, firefighters were able to contain it. Here in Australia, we are blessed with beautiful national parks that we want to keep pristine for generations to come. So be a responsible camper and check the campfire regulations before you gather your tinder bundle. And if there’s a total fire ban in your area - under no circumstances should you light a fire.

Be a tidy Aussie

There should be absolutely no evidence that you were ever in the woods when it’s time to depart home. If you can’t find anywhere to dispose of the rubbish, collect it and take it home with you.

Wear a Mask

In Victoria, masks are to be worn anytime you’re outside of your own home. So make sure you’ve got yours on. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is everybody’s responsibility.

Leave the 'locals' alone

The best part about camping is the chance to get up close and personal with nature. Camping provides many opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitats. But just make sure that you enjoy with your eyes and that you don’t try and pet or feed the wild animals that you come into contact with.