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Down On The Farm

Down On The Farm

92% of Aussie kids don’t know where bananas come from.

I remember reading this stat following some research in 2014 that drove the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution. I thought it couldn’t be right.

But how would this generation know where their food comes from? They get it from the supermarket or, increasingly, it’s delivered after being ordered online.

We’ve had some success, in our little suburban backyard, at growing a few bits and pieces in our vegie patch. Will wanted to plant the whole thing with corn, which he finds far more delicious than zucchini or cauliflower. He would frequently fight with his sister over who got to do the watering (but never over who got to do the weeding).

We’re a bit blessed in Geelong and The Bellarine with the hills and fields surrounding us providing some great ways to experience farm life and food at its freshest.

The Farmer’s Place – it’s a working farm, café and farm gate for lots of local producers. It’s also an amazing example of how to recycle old shipping containers. When we went the kids were bursting to get outside to check out the vegie gardens, paddocks and sand pit. Food was delicious and with ingredients grown right outside, our ‘food miles’ were actually metres.

Farmer’s Harvest is a produce barn with the friendliest doorman we’ve ever met – Max, the farm dog. Produce is fresh (literally grown on site or usually nearby) and there’s a whole bunch of deli goods, meat and cheeses stocked on the shelves and in the baskets.

Farmer’s Daughter Produce Store is in Inverleigh stocks a locally grown bounty in all forms – veggies, flowers, dairy, meat and an impressive larder of hand made deliciousness.

The Farmer’s Markets at Golden Plains (first Saturday each month) and Bellarine Community (third Saturday each month) are a great way to stock up on local freshness - direct from the farmer, grower or maker - all at once.

Get out and catch a taste of our farms. Don’t let your kids become a statistic!

Explore more makers and growers you can visit and taste across the region here.