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How To Do Barwon Heads Like A Local

How To Do Barwon Heads Like A Local

What do locals do to pass the time in Barwon Heads? Simple...

They indulge in ice cream (never minding the weather).

Capture by @angusjustine via Instagram

 They take the kids down for a skate at Barwon Heads Skate Park (sometimes they have a go too).

Captured by @emnemsclub via Instagram

 They love grabbing a retro surf goodie from Barwon Head's original surf shop - Rasta Surf Co.

Tin replica combis by @rastasurfco

 They shop up a storm at Rigby's Homewares, Kittos, Frith (to name a few...)

Gorgeous wares by @kiitoslivingbydesign

 They catch up with friends at King of The Sand Castle.

Captured by @StephanieBailey86 via Instagram

 They team up with Paddle Life on the Barwon River

Pic by @fuhfuh via Instagram

 They live the search for the perfect wave.

Pic by @rastasurfco via Instagram

 They slow down to enjoy the sunrises and the sunsets. True fact.

Captured by @kirstyw68 via Instagram

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