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The Airshow Is Coming

The Airshow Is Coming

The Australian International Airshow is amazing.

I'm not particularly enamoured with planes usually and don't have any personal connection with flying. Sure, I like them to get me to my destination in one piece and (if possible) on time. But watching a jet zoom past you faster than the speed of sound (as in, so fast you hear the sound after the plane's already passed you) is mesmerising.

As well as the phenomenal jets, there are aerial tricks, vintage displays and other flying machines doing some incredible in-air trickery. It's seriously impressive, even for this mildly cynical 36 year-old mother of two.

On the ground I've seen some really cool things too. I've been inside a Hercules and seen how the Army use them to transport injured soldiers or civillians. I've sat in fighter jet cockpits. I've seen what the inside of my private jet will look like when I finally make it in Hollywood. I've met women who are setting a brilliant example for my daughter about the sky literally being the limit for her. And there's no shortage of Maverick-esque men in uniform to answer questions about their work as your brain does a silent rendition of 'Take my Breath Away'. 

Check out this video to see some of the action you can expect at the 2017 Australian International Airshow at Avalon Airport March 3-5, then book tickets.