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The OG Coffee Scene

The OG Coffee Scene

What words spring to your mind when we say “Ocean Grove”? Beach? Surf? Summer? Sure, but what about espresso, macchiato, ristretto, long black, latte or cappuccino? Ocean Grove is a classic surf town that is forging a name for itself in the coffee scene. With some killer cafes in and around the 'OG', let us be your guide to locating the sweetest of elixirs.

Parade Espresso Bar

71 The Parade, Ocean Grove

The newly established Parade Espresso Bar is white, bright, crisp and clean and focused on flavourful and full bodied coffee. Trading in Campos coffee blends, the staff at Parade are knowledgeable and have a genuine love for all things coffee. Knowing the importance of that first fresh cup, Parade are ready and waiting to fill your order bright and early time from 7am daily. Serving up delicious gluten-free donuts, cookie sandwiches and sourdough pastries, Parade have your mid-morning treat covered too!

Uncle Jacks

82 The Terrace, Ocean Grove

In 2015 the iconic Ocean Grove ‘corner store’ was transformed by three mates into Uncle Jack’s. With a charismatic weatherboard exterior and wide open windows that let the sea breeze flow, Uncle Jack’s is a place where you want to sip your coffee and soak up the atmosphere of Ocean Grove. Five Senses coffee blend stocks and fuels the coffee machine and as the venue is fully licensed you can also enjoy a cheeky espresso martini if that takes your fancy.     

Hello Birdie

52 Grubb Road, Ocean Grove

Everyone deserves a great cup of coffee, especially those who are running on an insufficient amount of sleep thanks to their little ones. Where better to enjoy a delicious cup of joe than somewhere that offers entertainment for the tiny tots too. Hello Birdie does just that. With good old-fashioned entertainment for the young ones, coupled with a serving of caffeine (for yourself that is), you have yourself the perfect morning location. Settle in on a comfy couch or soak up some rays in the outdoor space. When the caffeine kicks in you will soon forget all about that lack of sleep.   

Groove Cafe

56 Wallington Road, Ocean Grove           

Shhhhh, this one will be our little secret. The locals of Ocean Grove love and adore this treasure.  The Groove Café is one of those places that knows your order by heart and continues to make it just right. They consistently serve it quick, flavoursome and with a smile. We can guarantee that you won’t just be walking out of Groove with a coffee in hand. You will be walking out stocked up with dumplings, South Melbourne dim sims, curries and most definitely their award-winning pies and sausages rolls (you won’t believe the size and taste of these beauties). But please remember, shhhhhhh, this is our little secret!      



91 The Parade, Ocean Grove

Kyosk is an absolute oasis, one where you can immerse yourself in calm and enjoy your coffee. KYO is renowned to Ocean Grove locals.  KYO Furniture Warehouse brings wonders from around the world to Ocean Grove.  KYO Yoga embraces its beautiful natural surroundings to bring a peaceful environment to learn and practice the art of yoga. And now Kyosk, a café that offers not only the strong and smooth Proud Mary coffee blends but also fresh smoothies, juices, sumptuous whole foods and not-too-naughty raw treats, all within the surroundings of lush gardens, water features and exotic KYO décor.  Kyosk truly makes you feel good when you are sipping on your morning brew.       

White Hart Coffee Bar

The Trak Arcade, The Terrace, Ocean Grove

Tucked away in The Trak Arcade this cosy little café is a hidden gem of Ocean Grove. One is almost transported to a Melbourne city laneway when they take a seat at White Hart. The place may be pint size but the coffee packs a punch, serving up the rich and full bodied Padre coffee. And don’t be disillusioned by the size of White Hart’s kitchen either, although she may be small, she is mighty, churning out delicious snacks and meals.  We thoroughly recommend tucking into a bowl of delight, with choices including smoothie bowls, noodle bowls and vegan bowls.

The coffee culture is ripe and ready for the picking in Ocean Grove. Personal and unique stylings are the common themes of each of these cafes. Spend some time exploring them, working your way through each blend to discover what one pleases your taste buds the most. It won’t be an easy task deciding, it will be an enjoyable one though!

Cover photo: @petejamesphoto


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