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Which Geelong Cup Punter Are You?

Which Geelong Cup Punter Are You?

Could you imagine still going to a party even though the main event is cancelled?

I have.

The Geelong Cup is such an intrinsic feature of the social calendar that the event – the heels and the headwear and the hospitality – went ahead without the horses in October 2000 when the weather was so wet they couldn’t safely run on the track.

Geelong Cup Winner

Still, the crowds frocked up and rocked up. My friends and I drank sparkly stuff, compared outfits, flirted with boys, laughed a lot and had a brilliant day. Horses, shmorses. We weren’t about to waste a public holiday. The party was on even if they weren’t.

That’s the thing about spring racing – and for us, the bet365 Geelong Cup – there’s much more to it than thoroughbreds. It’s a winning day out regardless of your reason for being there. Find your racing-self in our list and take our advice to get along on Wednesday 19 October:

You’re not looking for the best odds, you’re looking for a good time. ‘Late mail’ is when the postie comes after lunch, a ‘sweep’ involves a broom and ‘scratching’ is what you do to mozzie bites. But, you’d love to pop something pretty on your head and catch up with people over lunch and drinks. Get in on the club hospitality with a group of friends and you’ll definitely be in the winner’s circle.

Geelong Cup



It’s a Wednesday off in the middle of spring, what better way to spend it than on the lawn at the races for a fun day of food and flutters. Bring your own picnic and grab a spot under a shady umbrella or in the sun and cheer your champions home.

Footy season’s over and cricket hasn’t quite started so racing is your area of expertise for the spring. Two of the last six Melbourne Cup winners won the Geelong Cup a fortnight beforehand, so you might get some insight you can use to your advantage for the rest of the Spring Carnival. Grab a bunch of friends and head to one of the marquees so you can enjoy the races AND the social.

This is your season to shine. You know trainers, breeding insight and jockey form. You’re basically a Freedman without the surname. You’ll beat a path between the parade ring and the betting ring and pick up a few winners along the way. Dust off the suit, polish the shoes and get a general admission ticket.

Find out more about the bet365 Geelong Cup ticket packages here or look for somewhere to crash before or after the event here.



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