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Why I love the You Yangs with Catriona Rowntree

Why I love the You Yangs with Catriona Rowntree

Why I love the You Yangs

Many years ago, I accidentally fell in love with a farmer named James. Once I got married, I moved to Victoria and fell in love with the area, too. There are some great places here to visit. Only a hop, skip and a jump from Avalon Airport 50km south-west of Melbourne, you’ll find a beautiful regional park called the You Yangs.

These 319-metre-high granite ridges are stunning. I totally recommend packing a picnic and eating lunch at Big Rock Picnic Area. Or, if you’ve just stumbled here accidentally, grab a sambo at the general store and go for a wander. My boys, Charlie and Andrew, absolutely adore it here.

They can spend ages exploring, playing hide and seek and making cubbies. Sometimes we come just for half an hour to relax. We often return on Friday evenings for the special bike riding nights for kids.

I know my family aren’t the only ones who have fallen under the spell of the You Yangs’ beauty. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have come here too. This was where Kate Winslet filmed part of The Dressmaker. The You Yangs also featured in Ned Kelly, starring Orlando Bloom and Heath Ledger.

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