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There’s something intoxicating about Point Lonsdale, and it’s not just the wonderful little wine bar in the main street, Noble Rot. It’s the dream position at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay where you can watch the seaborne world come and go while you relax on the beach.

Overlooking The Rip – a treacherous stretch of water where ships navigate the narrow gap between Point Lonsdale and Point Nepean – the horizon is dominated by the Lighthouse. It's often open for tours, and is Insta-famous for it's striking skyline and the lofty views from the top.

There’s usually a keen fisherman casting a line from the pier in any weather and on a warm day there’ll be kids playing under it, while just out of town there’s a golf course and nearby, some wineries and farm gates.

There’s loads to look at below the water surface too – there are more varieties of marine life in southern Port Phillip Bay than the Great Barrier Reef! – so bring your snorkel. West of the lighthouse there’s pounding surf and even if you’re not into board riding, the sound fills the air and captivates your imagination. It’s the perfect melody to fall asleep by.

Speaking of sleeping, Lon Retreat and Spa launched in late 2018 on the edge of town and is a breathtakingly beautiful place to lay your head (whether to sleep or have a massage). Our favourite room has an enormous round bath with views to the sand dunes and the ocean beyond. And, exhale.


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